Dan Erling - The MAtch Process

Next Generation Recruiting

The recruiting firm model has largely been a siloed collection of recruiters all vying for the coveted placement. Recruiters were successful based on how many job orders they filled. Good recruiters became well known for access to quality candidates, but there were many recruiters that looked for short term sales gains by trying to talk their clients and candidates into placements that didn’t belong in the “win-win” category.

The MAtch Process

How It Works

The MATCH process allows us to drop the traditional siloed model and move to a model that focuses on true recruiting and changes the value dynamic. In this model, the recruiting firm moves from a “commodity-driven sales force” to a “trusted recruiting partner.” This is achieved through deeper communications and a different sales commission model.

What is Next Generation Recruiting?

Deeper communications take the form of careful alignment from the beginning. The Next Generation recruiting firm is part of the hiring dialog from the onset of the job description. The Next Generation firm is not limited to working “defined” job orders; rather, we prefer to be part of the team creating that job description.Cultural scorecarding, competency profiling, salary and bonus definition, and even method of reviews belong in the customer recruiting / staffing firm dialog of the Next Generation recruiting firm. The results of this arrangement is a complete transformation in expectations of customer service. Instead of sharing a recruiter with so many companies that they are unable to deliver the quality of service you deserve, a Next Generation recruiter becomes an extension of your internal team.

Further, in the Next Generation model, the recruiter does not become solely responsible for your recruiting and staffing results. Instead, the lead recruiter acts a project manager, with a secondary recruiter, a sourcing professional, and a sales admin support all focused on your hiring objective. By working as a team the Next Generation firm is able to maintain a strategic and far reaching recruiting strategy at a level far out of the reach of any siloed recruiter.The commission model only in up-front cost. In the case of one-off recruiting projects this takes the form of a retainer at the beginning of the process so we may secure all the resources needed to compete for talent in today’s market. In the case of recruiting projects the commission model takes the form of a monthly retainer weighed against the recruiting fees. In most cases, we can offer volume discounts.

Do you need to hire the perfect CFO? Controller? Bookkeeper? The MATCH process virtually guarantees the “right” hire. With a success rate that has never dropped below 90% and as high as 98% over a year, the MATCH process is a proven methodology to avoid a mishire and attract, hire and retain your next superstar.Using our exclusive, retained MATCH model we are able to act as one with your organization. We work hand-in-hand with you — starting with your mission, moving through the job overview, creating a behavioral profile, and then a recruiting plan.Once we have clarified the fundamental pre-hiring best practices, we begin the recruiting process. The goal is to create a large candidate pool, and then hone that pool, leaving three finalists for you to interview. These finalists will be behaviorally interviewed, the data will be available to you, and there will be corresponding behavioral references for your review.You will conduct three interviews with candidates ultimately qualified for the role. Further, these candidates will be culturally aligned with your organization. You will almost certainly be able to make a hiring decision after meeting with these candidates.We will assist in salary negotiations, transitional concerns, and on-boarding. But our partnership continues. Our MATCH guarantee is a year and so we like to stay in the loop – building a deeper relationship with you and your new hire – ensuring that all systems are go.

The MAtch Process

How It Works

MATCH works extraordinarily well on the Contract side of the house. MATCH processes are terrific in efficiently aligning your organization with contractors that are both a technical and cultural fit. The MATCH contractors act as a temporary solution – formally working for our firm and allowing you to put all the responsibilities and costs of people management on our shoulders.In most cases companies partner with us by assigning us responsibility for a given number of openings.

For example, a company recently partnered with us in ensuring that every Accounts Payable role was filled in a given department.The MATCH recruiting team spent hours with the executive team in defining the critical aspects of the role, but perhaps even more importantly, we defined the critical aspects of a cultural fit. Once defined, our MATCH team came up with key behavioral questions.

We brought each potential candidate through a series of questions, tested them, conducted thorough behavioral references, and even had each candidate take an Accounts Payable test.We have had similar success in providing MATCH contractors in Revenue Cycle Accountants, Auditors, Tax Projects, and even high level financial due diligence.

Multiple Hires

The MATCH process is an exceptional way to add multiple new hires to your team.

The focus on cultural fit allows you to ensure that you are attracting, hiring and retaining the talent needed for explosive growth.One example of the MATCH process impacting multiple hires came about when a company rebuilt their accounting department in a move from the west coast.

From Accounting Clerk to VP Finance to Tax Manager we utilized the data we collected on corporate culture to ensure that each new member of the team was aligned with the thriving corporate culture. The results were phenomenal and seeing the company thrive was nothing less than inspirational.MATCH Recruiting Case Study – The company was in high-growth mode.

Unfortunately, the current CFO did not have the work experience or capacity to keep up with the demands of this quickly evolving company. Perhaps a different role was available for the CFO within the organization, but it was clear that the right business decision was to replace the current CFO with someone capable of managing such a dynamic organization.

Using the MATCH process, we worked closely with the CEO.

First, we made sure that we were all on the same page. The CEO and several key executives sat down with us over lunch – understanding the need for the new hire, and discussing the necessity of this new role. We also clarified the mission of the organization and how this hire fit in with the overall goals of the company. Next we defined the hiring team. The CEO made it clear that getting the right person on the team was his top priority. We discussed our methods of communication, traded cell phones, and set up clear expectations for questions and feedback.