Picking Up the Pace with a 2017 Pacesetter

Dan Erling
Accountants One Inc. President & CEO

Accountants One has been around since 1973. Our cornerstones are honesty, integrity, and confidentiality. We are very committed to the highest quality recruiting and long-term relationship building.

With that in mind, I wanted to professionally share with you that we are growing. The past two years have been our “Best Years Ever” and we were ranked as one of Atlanta’s Fastest Growing Firms.

We are putting together a stellar team of the best in the business by looking for people interested both in reaping outstanding financial rewards and building a brand of excellence and quality.

If anyone in your network would be interested in talking to us about our growth strategy and how they might be part of that growth strategy, please let us know. I have included links to three openings that we are currently trying to fill with folks dedicated to exceptional recruiting / staffing, long-term relationship building, and the highest level of personal ethics.

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Dan Erling