The MATCH process is a systematic approach to hiring the right person.

Dan has helped companies hire over a thousand people since he began as an executive recruiter in 1998.  Trained as a mathematician, he began to evaluate and quantify the hiring practices that led to successful hires.

Through the process of analyzation, Dan created and implemented a system of recruiting around these best practices.  The result has been a success rate above 95% since 2005 – unheard of in an industry where 60% in considered acceptable. 

Consulting areas include:

1. Evaluating your company’s hiring methods:

  • Can you increase your success rate?
  • Can you increase your retention?
  • Can you improve your hiring ROI?
  • Can you more effectively align your team to your business objectives through hiring?
  • How can your hiring methods positively affect your bottom line?

2. Creating a recruiting plan to hire the perfect _______________________

3. Creating a staffing plan using contract labor

4. Utilizing the MATCH process in conducting a search that will guarantee a successful hire. 

5. Evaluating current staff

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