There is a process that virtually guarantees hiring the right person every time.

During these economic times it is imperative that you make the right hiring decisions. Fortunately, there is a book that you can turn to: MATCH - A Systematic Sane Process for Hiring the Right Person Every Time. Whether you are hiring a Senior Executive or a Part Time Clerk, the MATCH process is a proven approach for achieving exceptional results.

Dan Erling, has acted as a trusted hiring advisor to more than a thousand companies. Over his career as an Executive Recruiter he has observed and documented hiring successes and failures. From this careful analysis he compiled a structured hiring process comprised of the most effective hiring techniques. MATCH is the culmination of these best practices.

  • On a process level, MATCH takes the reader step-by-step through the lifecycle of hiring: developing a job description; evaluating traits of a great hire; interviewing; making the decision; negotiating salary; onboarding; and testing the hiring ROI.
  • On a strategic level, the book focuses on larger questions: How does this open position fit our overall goals? How do we measure the impact of our hiring initiatives? How do we create a self perpetuating culture of hiring excellence?

Applicable tools, stories and foolproof techniques are woven throughout this hiring guide. In an economy like this, the MATCH process is an essential tool for anyone conducting a hire. By following these best practices you will ensure that you are hiring the right person, saving you and your company time, energy, and money.


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